Arturs Bogdanovics

Name: Artūrs Bogdanovičs

Date of Birth: March 30, 1997

Hometown: Iecava, Latvia

School: Iecava Secondary School

Time on board: A bit more than 5 years

Stance: Goofy

Board size: 8.0

Sponsors: Sight skateboards

Favourite tricks: Heelflip, B/S Crooks

Favourite spot: Iecava estrade’s stair set

Favourite skateboarder: Nyjah Huston

Favourite type of spots, constructions: Gaps, stairs, ledges, corners, miniramp

Best places to skate: Gtiim skatepark, Imanta’s skatepark, hometown’s skatepark and spots

Music: Rap, Hip-Hop, sometimes something smooth and relaxing

Other activities: Only skateboarding, but sometimes i enjoy playing football.

Why did you begin to skate?

I saw my friend skating around and then asked my aunt to buy me a board for my Name’s day and she bought me my first board.

First tricks you learned?

Ollies of course, then some showits and my first fliptrick was heelflip.

What is motivating you to skate?

New tricks, places where to skate, competition succes, friends.

You enjoy skateboarding with friends or alone?

It is better and more fun to skate with your friends but sometimes i enjoy tripping around alone.





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