Looking for Team Riders

   SIGHT Skateboards  is currently looking for riders, who are good in skating and who could represent our SIGHT skates. What does it mean to be sponsored by us? Simple, free decks, trucks, wheels and more. Interested? What we will be expecting from your side, attitude, videos, photos, attendance in competitions, and daily skateing with SIGHT skateboard. If you are interested in joining our team, send a motivation letter,  some photos and attach current video of you skating. Our team is open to both males and females regardless of age, if your good at what you do, we want to see it!  Along with your email please send us a little bit of information about yourself (age, years skating, favourite trick ect).  Good luck to all who will enter, however we will only be contacting the riders we have chosen.

E-MAIL: aivis.karlsbergs@finieris.lv



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